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Air conditioning

Our Company's financial situation is sound. A progressive but carefully planned strategy of expansion over the last 26 years has seen the Company grow from a modest start to its present situation where it now employs 15 trade qualified and 5 support staff.

Bayside Emergency Plumbing and Heating also offers air conditioner rentals for situations where very low noise is a priority. These units provide up to 30 tons of cooling, or 50kW of safe, electric heat with a sound rating of 80 dBA at 3 feet. These units have:

  • Internal condensate pumps to remove condensation from the unit and its vicinity
  • Built-in variable-speed fans
  • A hot-gas bypass to allow for low-load ambient conditions.

The service and technician was exceptional. We had a security system installed and the technician was quick, knowledgeable and professional. He cleaned up after himself and I could not even tell that he had been there. Great job Bayside Emergency Plumbing and Heating! ! I would not hesitate to call this company again.