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Faucet and fixture

Installing a Shower Faucet
Turn the water off at the water main. Remove all existing shower hardware and faucet materials.
Wrap both ends of the shower arm with teflon tape so each end is well covered with tape. Place one of the threaded ends of the shower arm into the wall and tighten only by hand. Do not over-tighten as this could cause cracks, breakage, and wall leakage.
Place the shower flange over the shower arm to cover the hole in the wall surround. Thread the shower head onto the other end of the shower arm and tighten by hand first. Then wrap the fixture in a towel and use a pair of channel locks to tighten the shower head completely, but do not over-tighten the shower head to prevent damage.
Assemble the escutcheon, trim ring assembly, cartridge assembly, trim sleeve and o-ring, and the handle assembly according to manufacturer recommendations and specifications as each installation situation will vary slightly.