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Leak detection and repair

Building Inspections - Moisture Inspections – Thermography testing for signs of moisture!
Electrical Fault Detection – Having overloaded electrical components in your factory or home is a serious fire hazard, and dramatically increases the risk of an unexpected power outage. In the case of a factory, a power failure or electrical fault in components such as switches, fuses, switchboards, transformers, motors, sub-stations, transmission lines, circuit operating devices, control equipment and circuit breakers could cost money by the minute in the case of an unexpected shut down. We can detect overheated components up to 3 weeks in advance of a failure!
Missing Insulation & Heat Loss detection - Having a piece on insulation missing, or gaps in your insulation can really hike up your power bill. Do you know if your home is completely insulated? Are there air gaps between your insulation? Our cameras could detect it right away, without touching your ceiling or entering your man hole. Here’s a photo of what missing insulation looks like through our cameras.