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Plumbing installation

Surface water is basically rainwater. This can discharged into a soak away, watercourse, surface water sewer or, particularly in older properties, into the foul water drainage system. In a combined system, the rainwater pipes are discharged into the foul water drains via gully traps which stop foul air escaping from the drains. However, modern systems are designed to keep the foul water and the surface water apart. It is extremely important to ensure that you do not connect foul water to a surface water drainage system. If you are unsure about the drainage system around your house get advice from the Bayside Emergency Plumbing and Heating Department before you start any work.
This industry consists of contractors engaged in: general plumbing services including the installation and repair of water, sewerage, drainage, and gas systems, and installation of appliances and fixtures; pipefitting services including the installation and repair of high or low pressure pipe systems; pipe laying services involving the installation of drainage, sewerage, gas, or water pipes; and steam fitting services.